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~~foot print sand god good~~
one night i slept.
and uhh i was walking with god (WTF)
two footprints he has feet smell bad what?
i got sleepy and sad and only one footprint
god gave up, that sleazy bastard
whore himself out make a planet of people
be mine, my love, anyways
so i was pretty mad about this god thing
i was goin thru bad stuff where tf this boul
And the lord replied:
actually shut the fuck up jesus. i had to carry your ass you whiney fuck and youre at the beach god im so sick of this go play in the sand retard thats why one foot[pritn woa h mind blown man hook car door man car fo lesson learned? I WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN WITH ELECTRICITY I WILL BURN THIS BUILDING DOWN I WILL FLOOD YOUR CITY. ~3:50 A.M.

i have been inspired by various ideas...


for when the hate grows too strong... funabraham

I have been enamored with wearing pirate clothing
I want to be a pirate
I want to wear a frilly shirt and a cool captains coat
I will log in my captains log and play on hanging boat rope
When I drink the rum from the barrel I list lazily to the left
and fall into a pit of despair!
someone buy me something pirate pls.

[from Li Shangyin: Derangements]
Miseries Inflicted by Others
Banquet preparations complete, invited guests never come
An unbidden arrival
Getting drunk, shouting at people
Leaving the gate, encountering a creditor
When goods are cheap, being too poor to buy them
In high summer, happening upon an obnoxious guest
A creditor in a widow's doorway
Being seated across from your nemesis
Beseiged by a drunk person, no escape
Beautiful concubine, jealous wife

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